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Please support our brother in the fire service, Daniel Chavez. #TeamChavez

*100% proceeds from each shirt sale will go directly to the Chavez family.

Los Angeles City Fire Department - Firefighter / Paramedic III Daniel Chavez is a 5 year veteran of the LAFD with a total of 16 years in the fire service. For the past 2 years Daniel has been assigned to Fire Station 3A. Daniel and the love of his life Tanya, have a beautiful 6-year-old son Levi who just started first grade. Two months ago, the Chavez family was blindsided with a stage-3 colon cancer diagnosis. Daniel underwent an intensive surgery on August 4th The surgery was ultimately successful as the growth was fully removed, and Daniel was given an initial cancer free diagnosis.

However, on August 18th the pathology report came back with the unfortunate news that the cancer had spread into the lymph nodes. This battle will require 12-rounds of aggressive chemotherapy over six months, starting early September. Please join us in
supporting the Chavez family during this difficult time. Thank you for your continued support!