1. What is Firefighter Crafted?

- Firefighter Crafted is an online marketplace where firefighters and / or fire stations can promote their crafted products, designs, and apparel and sell them to the public to raise money for firefighter charities and station needs. The firefighter charity assists firefighters and their families in extreme medical needs and / or debilitating injuries or deaths. The products are various art forms using different mediums like wood, metal, leather, paintings, or even retired fire hose. Some are custom services based on each vendor. The art and designs aren’t necessarily “firefighter” or “fire department” related, but specially made and designed by local firefighters


2. How can I become a vendor on Firefighter Crafted?

- The requirement is to first be a firefighter. Second, have a product or service that you would like to promote on Firefighter Crafted and allow some of the profits to be donated back to firefighter charities and fire stations. Third, contact us today to find out more of how we can best partner together on Firefighter Crafted.