Firefighters 4 Freedom

F4F FLAG Snapback Hat

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Firefighters 4 Freedom

* All proceeds from the sales of Firefighters 4 Freedom products will go directly to their non-profit to help with legal fees. Thank you for your support!

 "Decky Original" Snapback Trucker Hat

 ---> Due to high volume of F4F orders, please be patient with orders arriving to you. Some products are on back order at this time. Thank you for all the overwhelming support!

"The mission is to maintain human rights, constitutional rights, civil rights, and civil liberties as sovereign natural free human beings, and American citizens. We believe in the right to work, freewill, personal choice, medical freedoms, and consent without coercion, retaliation, threats, disciplinary action, or termination. This is not a vaccine versus non-vaccine issue, this is not a left verse right political issue. This is a human rights issue. We hope you stand with us, for we believe all members and citizens have the freedom of choice and natural rights. Your body, your choice. My body, my choice."  - Firefighters 4 Freedom

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